Is it Legal to Sell Extra Diabetic Supplies?

Is it Legal to Sell Extra Diabetic Supplies?

Yes, Selling extra diabetic supplies is totally legal if you follow the federal and state laws and FDA guideline. As many websites like Diabetics Trust buy these extra supplies from you at fair price if you no longer need them and help community by taking extra supplies from people.

But many people still have question what are the conditions to sell supplies to someone. Every website have their own Product buying conditions and legalities. For Diabetics Trust Safety is always their main concern. Product is not damaged and full fill the FDA guidelines.

How to sell extra supplies safely and ethically? Below are the guidelines to make sure follow before selling

1- Must verify test strips expiration date.

2- Transparent with product condition to buyer

3- Must follow the Laws And Regulations depends on what your state law says.

Final Thoughts

As you read, Selling unused supplies is not a problem until if you follow the Laws guideline. For more detail please visit website Diabetics Trust to read what are the product condition Terms and Condition you need to follow while selling supplies.